Convention Reports 

District Almoner - PDG Ron Twining

Since the last convention report, I have acknowledged all notifications of Lions deceased in the district as taken from the Oakbrook list. Cards have also been sent to the next of kin.

These deaths have been reported to all the cabinet meetings through the year, and a list for the year sent to the MD Convention.

March 2021

Lion Leslie Peter Read, Jersey Lions Club

Lion Merve Skidmore, Havant Lions Club

April 2021  

Lion John Ormiston, Meon Valley Lions Club

May 2021

Lion Ian Bowie, Highworth & District Lions Club

June 2021

Lion Gorden Cox, Blandford & District Lions Club

Lion Chris Poulton, Poole Lions Club

Lion Michael Downer, Newport Isle of Wight Lions Club

July 2021  

No deaths reported

August 2021

No deaths reported

September  2021

Lion Ian Forster, Henly on Thames Lions Club

October 2021

No deaths reported

November 2021

No deaths reported

December 2021

Lion Neil Walter Bray, Yateley & District Lions Club

January 2022

Lion Eric Nixon, Fareham Lions Club

Lion Tony Moxey, Westbury Lions Club

February 2022

No deaths reported

March 2022

No deaths reported at time of making this report on 1st March 2022

DG Team

DG Brian Donovan 

1.1 Decisions Required of Cabinet:

None at present

1.2 Justification for Decisions:


1.3 Objectives for the Year:

To support our District in achieving its four principal Goals:

a)To promote Service and to encourage an increase in the number of clubs reporting

b)To promote club and membership growth and improve retention

c)To promote Leadership training, to encourage Lions to attend training provided, or step up and share their skills with others

d)To promote our own Lions Foundation LCIF, by demonstrating how this extends our service and so encouraging anyone to donate to our collective causes.

“Through Service We Grow”

1.4 Progress against Objectives:

Service Reporting: 

we have had a slight improvement, there are now 31 out of 56 clubs reporting service. I do understand that there is a frustration with the reporting system and we as a cabinet should support those that ask for help in getting back into reporting.

One issue that I do know is the level of data requested, for a given event (as the form does change dynamically depending on what is being reported) a club reporting officer (not necessarily the Club Secretary) may be asked the date of the event, number of Lions or volunteers, number of total hours, people served, or cash raised or donated. 

Of the non-reporting clubs 19 have not reported in the last two years and one club has never reported to the website.


Member stats (as of 5 March on Insights) stand at 1143 members, with membership drops since July being 86 and gains being 75 making a net loss of 11.

We need to rally round all clubs to see what help they need with membership drives, often it is key for clubs to support each other form within their Zone and wider, we should all be prepared to help each other.


Can Zone Chairs check that new Lions have had suitable Lions orientation, and promote the training course organised by Mike Baker. Now is a good time to identify those Lions that would benefit from attending the MD Symposium, Regional Lions Learning Institutes and Advanced Lions Learning Institutes.

As there are 25 clubs that are not currently reporting service, then it is clear that some form of orientation on the MyLion platform is needed.

Cumulative donations to LCIF:

In LY22 is currently $22,810, with a cumulative total of $186,973 since Campaign 100 began, with six recorded Model Clubs.

DG’s Note: As we meet for Cabinet in March, this will be the first face to face Cabinet in such a long time. We will be meeting under very different circumstances that 2-years ago, in the ‘post-covid’ world with a war raging in Europe, so we should reflect on what Lion DG Olesya and PDG Lion Valentin are going through, as these Ukrainian Lions work with Lions in the surrounding Country’s to support refugees

1VDG Dave Ebsworth

1st Vice District Governor David Ebsworth - Report

Since having the privilege of being elected to the post of 1st VDG, I have been learning what is expected of me and understanding what the role entails, attending training both MD and international (via zoom). 

It has been an interesting experience, sitting on various committee’s e.g. Finance & Global Action Team (GAT).  My role includes visiting clubs which has become easier as we slowly come out of the global pandemic.  I been lucky to  have visited 19 clubs so far this year club in person and two of them on zoom, I have been made extremely welcomed and they have been interesting meetings.  The clubs were open and honest with their comments and views and I have taken them on board there comments and I look forward to attending the remaining club meetings in whatever form they might take. 

During this year I have been able to support clubs such as Highworth Lions Club with their membership drive and together with the Global membership team we are supporting three clubs on the run up to their own membership drives.

The one thing I take away from this year is the dedication and amount of time given by Lions of this district to serve our community. Annie and I have again enjoyed meeting up with Lions who are old friends and attending charters or other social events.  Let’s hope this continues now and we don’t go into anymore lock downs.

I have remained an active member of my own club (Reading), where we are still organising food collections for local foodbank charities, held charity auctions and we were able to do our Santa float for December.

I have enjoyed being able to assist DG Brian, working together as a team on different committees.  

I look forward to working with you all during the remaining days of this Lionistic year.

2VDG - Lion David Taylor

At the time of writing it is not long since our Cabinet invited me to step into the vacant 2nd Vice District Governor position with a view to becoming District Governor for the second time in 2023. I had resisted earlier invitations as my firm belief is that we have several Lions in our midst that are capable of fulfilling the position; however, whether it be through personal circumstances, lack of training or confidence, none were available to stand.  I was, therefore, honoured to be asked and look forward to serving again.

In the short time since that appointment I have had several meetings with 1st VDG Dave Ebsworth to discuss the priorities of the time ahead so that we can develop a 2-year plan to give my successor some stability to work on.  Obviously recruitment and retention must be one priority, but we also see the need to improve our leadership training to help all Club and District officers. 

Those who remember my last year of office will know I believe strongly in one principle: The Club is at the forefront of the Lions organisation and at the top of the organisation tree - it is for District and Multiple District to help and support those Clubs, not dictate what they do.  That is why the position of Zone Chair is by far the most important role in Lions because it is through you that Clubs can relay problems and seek advice, making our Cabinet strong by discussing our mutual problems - and therefore solutions - together.

District Admin Team

Constitution, nominations and resolutions, PDG John Goodchild

Progress since last Convention of 105SC: 

1. 1.1.  My predecessor, PDG Lion David Taylor, circulated the Convention Call and Call for Nominations, Resolutions and Invitations to all Clubs and Cabinet members on 28th October 2021, with a request that these be submitted to myself, as having taken over the role of CNRO, as a result of his appointment as Second Vice District


2. 1.2.  At the close of the period for receipt by me of Nominations, Resolutions and Invitations to be considered at the District Convention in March 2022, I can report that:

- One nomination had been received for the post of DG, 105SC, 2022-2023

- One nomination had been received for the post of First VDG, 105SC, 2022-2023 

- That the above nominations are valid and comply with LCI requirements

- No nominations had been received for the post of Second VDG, 105SC, 2022-2023. Nominations from the 

floor of Convention can therefore be considered and I am advised that there will be at least one such 


- Three resolutions in the name of the District Cabinet from the District Treasurer/Finance Committee, as detailed in the appendix to this report. These were duly circulated to Clubs and I can report that at the closing date for receipt of amendments to the resolutions, no such amendments were received.

- One invitation to host Convention 2023, that being from the current Convention Chairman to hold the Convention at the Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea. This invitation will need to be ratified by Convention. 

- No invitations to host Convention 2024 had been received. Invitations from the floor of Convention can therefore be considered 

Other Relevant Matters: The resolutions for debate are attached to this report as Appendix 1, the CVs of candidates for the posts of District Governor, First Vice District Governor and Second Vice District Governor for the 2022-2023 Lionistic Year and which have so far been received, are also attached to this report. 

GDPR Steve Spencer 

1.1. Decisions Required of Cabinet:


1.2. Justification for Decisions:


1.3. Objectives for the Year:

To advise clubs as necessary, in co-ordination with the MD officer

1.4. Progress against Objectives:

The last two months to the date of this report (24/22/22) have been quiet, with no enquiries from members.

An outstanding query from the ICO regarding a “data protection concern” raised with the ICO regarding this District’s data practices has been resolved. After several months with no response from the ICO, they finally responded today to advise that the matter is closed as they have had no evidence about the supposed breach from the complainant. I have advised the MD officer.

The MD officer is issuing an email to clubs via District Secretaries, advising them strongly that they should register with the ICO, and I plan to follow that up with clubs in the District.

District Secretary Report to District Convention 2022 – PCC Lion Peter Burnett

Well, another strange year to be District Secretary!! Thank you DG Brian for persuading me to remain in post for another year.

Once again, the most important part of my report is to thank Lion Tom Sayers & his partner Juliet Browne for all their help this year. Most Cabinet officers have now got used to sending their reports to the dedicated reports email address from which Tom & Juliet collate them and publish them online for Cabinet. This saved me an awful lot of time sorting and sending reports and put the onus onto the officers to look for the reports rather than have them sent to them.

The majority of meetings have once again been on zoom so my job as District Secretary taking the minutes has been quite easy. I pride myself on getting the minutes published within 30 minutes of a meeting ending!! I am not promising that this will occur with the Convention minutes as they are a bit more complex and I go away immediately after convention for two weeks.

Thank you to all of Cabinet for their support and efficient reporting during the year. Likewise thank you to the overwhelming majority of clubs who reported their Delegates for both this convention and the MD one on time. It seems that there was a certain amount of resistance to reporting online for this convention but I’m afraid that this is here to stay. Next year let’s try and get 100% of clubs reporting on time and using the online link.

Finally can I remind clubs that as soon as they appoint their new officers for the 2021-22 year they will need reporting on myLCI. Can you also please let me know your officers so that I can keep my spreadsheet up to date.

District Treasurer Report – Lion Tim Hanton 

The Finance Committee has met regularly during the year to monitor the finances of the District. Financial updates are given at each meeting of the District Cabinet. 

Final accounts for 2020-21 were awaiting final approval at the time of writing this report. Once approved they will be downloaded from District 105SC website via the following link of  

Lions District 105SC - Financial Information (

The impact of COVID-19 has significantly impacted the activities at a District level for the year to June 2021. From a financial perspective, this has, not surprisingly, lead to a significant reduction in expected expenditure.  


Administration Account:  Full expenditure against budget was not realised as many District Officers did not fully claim items of expenditure allowable due to a reduction in travelling and other activities as a result of COVID-19. 

Reserve Funds

The end of year balance amounted to £28,567 at 30th June 2021. This includes the agreed contingency of £5,000 against a cancellation of Convention, and an historic membership retention pot of £4,945. This pot is being used to refund the first year's International subscriptions for new member. 

Charitable Trust 

At 30th June 2021, the reserves for the Charitable Trust amounted to £19,809. The key items making up this balance were:

- Youth - £8,086

- Sight Camera - £7,742

2021 - 2022

Administration Account:  Year to date income and expenditure can be viewed at:

Lions District 105SC - Financial Information (

Expenditure is running under the proposed budget for the year given the reduction in travelling etc. Cabinet is therefore proposing that the second instalment of District Subs for 2021-22 will be refunded to the Clubs within the District to help support them financially. 

Charitable Trust Account. 

105SC Club Donations for year to date are as follows: 

LCIF - General Disaster Fund


LCIF - Euro Floods


LCIF - Tornado


LCIF - Haiti


LCIF - Tonga


LCIF - Hunger


Medic Alert


Youth Trust - District


Youth Trust - MD


Brain Tumour Research 


Dentaid (SC)








Prostate Badge


DG Charity


Dentaid - Surgery Bosnia




UNICEF School in a Box


Special Olympics


Ball for All




2022-2023 Budget

Administration budget has been based on a membership figure of 1135 and subscription of £9 per member will be proposed by the Resolution to Convention.  In preparing the budget it 

has been assumed that activities and expenditure will return to pre-COVID levels. The budgeted expenditure equates to £11,820 and should this planned expenditure be fully realised, the balance will be taken from reserves. The level of reserves is sufficient to support this. 

Please note that there are plans to increase International subscriptions from the current US$43 to US$50 by 2024. Clubs are encouraged to ensure that subscriptions are set to adequately cover all administration costs of the club.  

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

The move to CIO status has continued throughout the year. We now have 38 Clubs in 105SC who have converted to a CIO. A thank you to Lion Mike Baker and Lion John Geering for continuing to mentor clubs across 105SC in the CIO registration process.  If your Club has not converted but would like to, please let Mike or John know. 

Gift Aid Reminder

Gift aid can only be claimed on pure donations – where the donor receives nothing tangible in return. The donor must be UK Tax payer and eligible to complete a gift aid declaration form.

Comprehensive guidance is offered via HMRC website:

Get recognition from HMRC for your charity - GOV.UK (

Claiming Gift Aid as a charity or CASC - GOV.UK (

Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme (GASDS) is available for cash donations of £30 or less (bucket or tin collections) and since April 2019 contactless card donations of £30 or less.  

Again, Guidance is available on: 

Claiming Gift Aid as a charity or CASC: Small donations scheme - GOV.UK (

Clubs registered as a CIO will be eligible to claim gift aid on membership subscriptions, for any member who is a UK tax payer.  

Comprehensive guidance is offered via HMRC website:

Claiming Gift Aid as a charity or CASC - GOV.UK (

Other matters

It is recommended that donations to LCIF and other International/National donations continue be made via District Treasurer.  Where possible, please make the payments electronically for both any Charity donations and also for District, MD & International Subscriptions, as this will reduce our bank charges. The monthly exchange rate for International subscriptions is updated on the 105SC website under Financial Information.  

Charity Commission website guidance on managing your charity can be accessed via the following link on the Government website

Online services for charities - GOV.UK (

There are updated criteria for Trustee eligibility which need careful consideration period to the appointment of your Trustees.  

Final accounts for 2019-20 may be downloaded from the District website. They were delayed this year due to the pandemic. 

Convention 2023 - PDG Patrick Hamblin

1.1 Objectives for the Year

To chair the 2022 105SC Convention Committee.

1.2 Progress against Objectives:

The Convention Committee has held a number of Zoom meetings and had a very busy time since the last Cabinet meeting. Arrangements for the Convention are going well, thanks to a team effort, despite many difficulties initially due to the changing Covid requirements. In addition to the normal Convention business an interesting programme of presentations has been arranged, together with entertainment on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

1.3 Other relevant matters:

For the third year I am privileged to have been asked to chair the 2023 Convention for the District. This is to be on the 3rd to 5th March 2023. I am fortunate to have the majority of this year’s team agreeing to be on the Convention Committee for the 2023 event. In 2023 we are returning to the coast and the event is to be held at The Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea. An interesting weekend is being planned, with the Friday night theme being "Cops & Robbers". Details of costs will be made available shortly.

GMT - PDG Jarvis MacDonald


  1. In line with District Governor’s objective, keep membership at 1154 or better.
  2. Revive clubs with low numbers.
  3. Look at possibility of new branch clubs.
  1. Taking a realistic view on membership numbers, it has been decided to aim for a zero gain/loss on membership this year. The main objective is not to end the year with less members than we started with. – As I write this report the numbers are as follows: since the beginning of the year we have gained 75 members but lost 84 members, this leaves us at present with a district membership of 1145, this means we are 9 members down on the 1154 we started with back in July. A number of clubs are actively looking to recruit and there are quite a number of potential new members in the pipeline.
  2. There are a number of clubs with low numbers and aging members, these clubs are to be given assistance. Work with Zone Chairs to target these clubs within the zones. –  A small number of clubs have been contacted and plans for membership initiatives have started. There are a number of clubs that still require assistance, these are on my list to help once we are well on the way with the clubs we are currently working with. One club that we have been assisting (Highworth & District) have gained 5 new members since the recruitment drive back in November, this was a club with an aging membership which was down to 9 members – proving that if a club is willing to roll its sleeves up and work together with the GMT great results can be achieved.
  3. Possibility of new branch clubs – Two or three areas have been targeted for potential branch clubs, plan to be put together with zone chairs and neighbouring clubs. – a branch club has been targeted in the Didcot area, The dates have been set in May for the recruitment drive, marketing has started on social media and will ramp up with more traditional methods local papers/radio in April. Assistance is being requested from fellow clubs.

Zone Chairs Reports Project Portfolios