Order of Proceedings



08:15 Registration begins
09:15 Call to Order - SAA Jarvis Macdonald
  Health & Safety Briefing
09:20 Welcome to Convention - DG Brian Donovan
  Opening of Convention - The Mayor of Swindon
  Vote of Thanks for opening convention
  Flag Ceremony - Union Flag, German Flag and Lions Flag with National Anthem
  Introduction of Guests - DG Brian Donovan
  Introduction of Principal officers, Recognition of PDGs and 1st Timers
  Mission Statement followed by One Ethic & One Purpose - ZC Paul Allaway
  Remembrance Ceremony - 1VDG Dave Ebsworth
10:00 - 10:05 Break: Those who wish to leave can do so at this point, those who wish to stay are more than welcome
  Call to order, Attendance Report and Messages - SAA Jarvis Macdonald
  Invoke Standing Orders - DG Brian Donovan
  Business and Voting Procedures - CNRO John Goodchild
  Minutes of the 2nd Convention voting delegates - DS PCC Peter Burnett
  Nomination for District Governor: Lion Dave Ebsworth Proposed by PDG Patrick Hamblin (Reading), Seconded by PCC Peter Burnett (Wimborne & Ferndown)
  Nomination for 1st Vice District Governor: Lion David Taylor, Proposed by Lion Paul Smith (Gillingham, Mere & Shaftesbury), Seconded by PCC Peter Burnett (Wimborne & Ferndown), 
  Nomination from the Floor of Convention
  Reports from the DG Team, District Almoner, Admin Team and Finance Committee (en bloc)
  Acceptance of the accounts for 2020/2021 - DT Tim Hanton
  District CNRO intro to resolutions - CNRO John Goodchild
  Resolution 1 - DT Tim Hanton
  Resolution 2 - DT Tim Hanton
  Resolution 3 - DT Tim Hanton
  Zone Chairperson Reports (Votes en bloc) - DG Brian Donovan
  Reports of the Club Development, Communications, Community Services, International Relations, LCIF Advisor and Youth Committees (en bloc) - DG Brian Donovan
11:00 - 11:07 Comfort Break
  Refugees Appeal - Ukraine - IPID Geoff Leader
  Introduction of International Guest and partner - IPID Geoff Leader
  Address of International Guest - ID Daniel Isenrich
  Address of International Guest's Partner Biggi Isenrich
  Vote of Thanks to the International Guest and partner ID Daniel and Biggi Isenrich
  Q & A Session with ID Lion Daniel Isenrich
  Introduction to OASIS Oxfordshire - Lion Lesley Donovan
  Presentation by Oasis Oxfordshire Autistic Society Information & Support - Kerry Ferandez and Joanna Hulbert
  Introduction to the Club Spots - DG Brian Donovan
  Club Spot - Swindon Chautari - Lion Bhesh Thapa
  Club Spot - Lions Club of Fleet - LP Lisa Rust
  Attendance Report and Notices - SAA Jarvis Macdonald
12:30 - 13:30 LUNCH
  Introduction of Young Ambassador candidate and address - DO Yorky Tuke
  Young Ambassador - Cadet Chloe de Gouveia
  Vote of Thanks to the Young Ambassador - DO Robert Armstrong-Collett
  Introduction to the Club Spots and LCIF - DG Brian Donovan
  Lions 100: Videos - Lion Ann Huntley
  Club Spot - Hook & Odiham Lions - PDG Judith Goodchild
  Club Spot - Basingstoke Lions - Lion Di Hopkins
  The Snowdrop Foundation - Liz Jackson MBE
  Club Spot - PR Presentation - Lion Richard Keeley
  Club Spot - Gift for Living - Lion Linda Picton
  Vote of thanks for the Club Spots - 1VDG Dave Ebsworth
14:40 - 14:50 Comfort Break
  Results of Elections - CNRO John Goodchild
  Address by DGE
  Address by 1VDGE
  Address by 2 VDGE
  District awards +Trophies (competitions) - DG Brian Donovan
  International Awards - ID Daniel Isenrich & DG Brian Donovan
  Presentation of gift to International guest - 
  Introduction of 2022 Convention Host Committee - PDG Patrick Hamblin
  Presentation of 2023 Host Committee and Flag transfer - PDG Patrick Hamblin
  Closing address - DG Brian Donovan
  Final announcements - SAA Jarvis Macdonald
  Last Night at the Proms
  Closing of the Convention
10:30 Welcome to the open forum - PDG Jarvis Macdonald
10:35 Open forum: for members that have stayed over. To include Membership initiatives
12:30 Thanks and a Safe Journey Home

All timings are approximate and subject to change at the DG's discretion