Post Convention

Minutes of the 3rd Lions 105SC District Convention held on Saturday 12th March 2022 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Swindon

1. The Convention was chaired by District Governor Brian Donovan (BD)

2. The Convention was called to order at 9.15 by Acting SAA PDG Jarvis Macdonald (JM). Good wishes were sent to SAA Dave Rose following his accident. The Health & Safety briefing was also given by JM

3. DG BD who then welcomed all attendees to Convention and introduced the Mayor of Swindon.

4. The Convention was officially opened by The Mayor of Swindon – Councillor Garry Perkins. He thanked the Lions for choosing Swindon and praised the Lions for their hard work.

5. BD proposed a vote of thanks to the mayor.

6. The flags of United Kingdom, Germany and Lions Clubs International were already on stage, the first verses of the British and German National Anthems were sung followed by World in Union.

7. BD introduced the guests to Convention

 The Mayor of Swindon

 ID Daniel Isenrich and Biggi

 PID Geoff Leeder and May

 PCC Phil Robinson and PDG Jackie

 DG Karanjeet Assan

8. BD introduced the principal officers and recognised both Past District Governors and First-time attendees at a District Convention.

9. Zone chairman Paul Allaway (Guernsey) read the Lions Mission Statement followed by one Purpose and one Ethic.

10.  All attendees stood for the Remembrance Ceremony where the following Lions who had passed to higher service were remembered with a minute’s silence.

 Lion Merve Skidmore – Havant Lions Club

 Lion John Ormiston – Meon Valley Lions Club

 Lion Ian Bowie – Highworth & District Lions Club

 Lion President Gordon Cox – Blandford & District Lions Club

 Lion Michael Downer – Isle of Wight Newport Lions Club

 Lion Chris Poulton – Poole Lions Club

 Lion Leslie Read – Jersey Lions Club

 Lion Ian Forster – Henley-on-Thames Lions Club

 Lion Neil Bray – Yateley & District Lions Club

 Lion Eric Nixon – Fareham Lions Club

 Lion Anthony Moxey – Westbury Lions Club

11.  A short break was held to allow partners to leave the Convention if they wished - this ran over slightly

12.  Convention was called back to order by JM who gave a report on attendance and read good luck messages to the DG. JM reported that there were 51 delegates and 5 alternates representing 33 clubs

13.  BD invoked the Standing Orders and informed Convention that there was no tail twister this year.

14.  CNRO PCC John Goodchild (JG) explained the business and voting procedures

15.  The minutes of the 2021 Virtual Convention were proposed as a true record by District Secretary PCC Peter Burnett (PB) and agreed by Convention (seconded by PDG Judith Goodchild)

16.  Candidate for District Governor Lion David Ebsworth (DE) was proposed for the role by PDG Patrick Hamblin on behalf of Reading Lions and seconded by PB on behalf of Wimborne & Ferndown Lions Club.  DE then addressed Convention.

17.  Candidate for 1st Vice District Governor PDG Lion David Taylor (DT) was proposed by Lion Paul Smith on behalf of Gillingham, Mere & Shaftesbury Lions Club and seconded by PB on behalf of Wimborne & Ferndown Lions Club. DT then addressed Convention.

18.  Candidates for 2nd Vice District Governor were invited from the floor

Lion Sandra Manktelow (SM) was proposed by Lion Clive Midson on behalf of Petersfield Lions Club and seconded by Lion Lisa Rust on behalf of Fleet Lions Club. SM then addressed Convention.

19.  The reports of the DG team, District Almoner, Admin Team and Finance Committee were proposed en bloc by Tricia Snook (Salisbury), seconded by JM. Carried by delegate vote.

TH updates the treasurer report, in the last 9 days clubs have given over £23,000 to the LCIF Ukraine appeal

20. The accounts for 2020-21 were proposed by District treasurer Lion Tim Hanton (TH) and agreed by Convention. Seconded PB.

21. CNRO JG introduced the Convention resolutions and procedure

22. Resolution 1 –

This Convention resolves that: “The District Per Capita Levy for the Fiscal Year 2022/23 shall be in the sum of £9.00 per Lion. This shall be payable in two equal instalments - £4.50 per Lion by 1 August 2022 based upon the known membership as at 30 June 2022 and £4.50 per Lion by 1 February 2023 based upon the known membership as at 31 December 2022.”

Proposed by TH Seconded by JM (in another role as acting finance chair) - Resolution was carried

23. Resolution 2 –

This Convention resolves that: “The District will refund the second half of the Per Capita Levy for the Fiscal Year 2021/22 of £4.50 per Lion, which was paid by Clubs in January 2022. This will be refunded by 30th April 2022.

Proposed by TH Seconded by JM – Resolution was carried.

24. Resolution 3 –

This Convention resolves that: “Messrs Gilroy & Brookes, Chartered Accountants of Farnham, be sincerely thanked for their services to the District in the past and that they be, and the same are hereby, re-appointed as Independent Examiner to the District for the forthcoming Year.”

Proposed by TH Seconded by JM – Resolution was carried

25. The zone chairperson reports taken en bloc proposed by JuG seconded by SM - carried

25. The reports of the club development, communications, community services, international relations, LCIF and youth committees were proposed en bloc by JM seconded by Dianne Hopkins DH - carried

26. A comfort break was held for ten minutes which became 15!!

27. IPID Geoff Leeder made a presentation on LCIF response in Ukraine and then introduced the International Guest ID Daniel Isenrich (DI) and his wife Biggi (BI)

 GL informed us what LCIF are doing in Ukraine and the surrounding countries.

 LCIF are in constant contact with the Ukrainian clubs to assess their needs.

 This conflict has already led to over 2 million refugees and this figure could double.

 1.2 million of the refugees are in Poland

 Lions all over the world are responding and LCIF are paying many grants to clubs both in Ukraine and the surrounding countries.

 The MD has collected over £50,000 since the appeal started.

28. DI and BI both addressed Convention

 DI informed Convention of the role of an International Director

 He outlined his ideas around membership. He pointed out that we lose too many members after only a short time serving. We need to ensure that our clubs are welcoming and inclusive for the newer members. Ensure that all members are able to progress into leadership roles.

 He informed about the Global Action team and how important he felt it was. Service leads to members – more members lead to more service!!

 He suggested we look more at branch clubs or specialist clubs as a means of opening clubs. Look at weekend meetings so that parents can attend, even have babysitters available! We need to rethink what is needed in relation to club meetings. If we are serious about attracting younger members, we have to make our meetings work around their busy lives.

 DI when asked why he gives so much time to Lions answers that he thinks his membership is a lifelong commitment, he looks for Lions wherever he visits. He also feels that the friendship within Lions clubs is essential. As CC he visited a German Lions eye project in Zimbabwe, definitely one of the highlights of his Lions career.

 He thanked all attending for their hard work and encouraged all to keep up their hard work.

 BI outlined her role as only a spouse. Germany has 19 District Governors so their role as CC and spouse was quite difficult and really helped by a booklet with photos and names which she found essential. She suggested that Districts do the same. BI helps DI as she has a better memory for names

29. PB proposed a vote of thanks to both DI and BI for their presentation and wished them a safe journey home on Sunday.

30. BD introduced a question-and-answer session with himself and DI.

 Patrick Allen, Wokingham Lions asked why retention is not emphasised enough. DI felt he had addressed retention within his speech but that we do still need new members as well as keeping the ones we have.

 PB asked why every email from LCIF asked for donations and if it could be passed back to the board to review this. DI answered that all the grants must come from somewhere so that they can be spent. Unofficially DI agreed with the question, he has asked the question, but some countries have tax issues transferring funds from clubs. There are more disasters which leads to more need from LCIF.

 Nigel Hunt, Yateley Lions asked if we are talking to Lions in Russia. Putin no longer sees Lions as an NGO. We are not a political organisation, the members are very much on their own but there are not many of them. Should the Russian Lions ask for help, it will be considered in the same way as other requests.

 JM asked whether Rotary is as active in Europe and if there is a similar love/hate relationship. In Germany the CC meets up with other organisations for an annual meeting. In Germany the Rotary is still perceived more as an upper class group. In Germany the total membership of both organisations is very similar.

 DT asked whether LCIF could give better feedback following appeals. We rarely find out what happens once the appeal has been sent out. If we had better feedback we could use it for publicity and to help other fundraising appeals as people know how we spent it. DI agreed that this could be improved but recommended Facebook for the Ukraine appeal.

 DI then awarded his personal banner and a gift of a Lion money box to DG Brian

31. Lion Lesley Donovan, the DG’s wife outlined her partners charity, Oasis Oxfordshire and introduced Kerry Fernandez and Joanna Hulbert to make a presentation.

32. Kerry Fernandez and Joanna Hulbert made a presentation informing Convention of the work of Oasis Oxfordshire (Oxford Autistic Society Information & Support). They outlined the charities work providing support and information to families with autistic children in the Oxfordshire area. They have been running for 30 years and support over 180 families. They run parent meetings in five towns and have play days, and have plans to expand their work with a sensory library. They thanked the Lions for their support in the past.

33. LD proposed a vote of thanks to Oasis and donated a cheque for £500 received from the clubs to support the charity.

34. BD introduced the first Lions Clubs 5 minutes spots

35. Lion Bhesh Thapa, Swindon Chautari Lions Club addressed Convention on their work with the Annapurna Self Sustainable Children’s Home in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. Their motto is ‘Give the net, not the fish’ to emphasise their self-sustainability.

36. Lion Yorky Tuke introduced the Lions District 105SC Young Ambassador candidate for 2021-22 - Cadet Chloe De Gouveia

37. Chloe informed Convention of her work within St Johns Ambulance, Jersey where she is a corporal and teaches younger cadets. She is trying to introduce first aid training into Jersey schools. Her bursary will be used to help training the cadets of Jersey.

38. Rob Armstrong Collet proposed a vote of thanks to Chloe

39. JM gave an attendance update and announced that Convention would break for lunch

There are now 52 delegates, other numbers unchanged

40. JM welcomed attendees back to the second half of Convention

41. Lion President Lisa Rust of Fleet Lions addressed Convention about the Lions community Store. They supply furniture, white goods, clothing, food parcels etc. to the needy in the area including 150 Christmas presents given to children who would not otherwise receive a gift.

42. BD introduced LCIF and two videos about LCIF and LCIF 100 were shown to Convention

42. Lion Ann Huntley who sent a video presentation in which she informed us that the District had donated £17,500 in this Lions year. She encouraged all clubs to donate to LCIF – our own Foundation.

43. PDG Judith Goodchild of Hook & Odiham Lions Club made a presentation on the Village Connect Trail. It’s a 16 mile sponsored walk linking the three large villages in the area which schools can use to get sponsorship. It is purely a service project and not a fundraiser.

44. Lion Dianne Hopkins of Basingstoke Lions Club made a presentation on Mental Health first aid. The District now has 6 qualified MNFA’s following a weekend training course. DH issued all clubs the challenge of thinking about mental health more carefully.

45. PDG Judith Goodchild introduced the next guest speaker – Liz Jackson MBE

46. Liz Jackson addressed Convention about The Snowdrop Foundation

 She is a director of BCMS responsible for buying and selling companies. Every company sale leads to a donation to the Snowdrop Foundation who support eye projects in India, and other projects in the UK. She spoke about love – the love of action, making and keeping promises which is what Lions do. After helping another company to build she felt ready to set up on her own at the age of 25, which did amazingly well. She went blind at age 27 but that did not stop her, being blind means that she has a very strong imagination.

 She said how important it is to remember gratitude.

 Do not become a “nearly” person, the type who list all the things they have nearly done! Life is too short to nearly do things.

47. JG proposed a vote of thanks to Liz Jackson and asked ID Daniel to present Liz with a Melvin Jones Fellowship on behalf of Loddon Valley Lions

48. Richard Keeley made a presentation on Marketing & PR and the actions of the District team. He asked the question what do clubs want? There is Facebook and Social Media training on the website – please contact him direct by email at

49. Linda Picton gave a presentation on A Gift for Living which started following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991-2000. Gift for living has been rebranded and new pull up banners are now produced. An example of their work was the eye screening of 7,200 children in Albania. They are working with a special needs school in Sarajevo and have provided a refurbished dental surgery. LP showed pictures of the condemned kitchen and an artist’s impression of a new kitchen which will also be used to train students as bakers. Gift for Living have a wish list of items and LP asked if clubs could consider a donation to enable items to be purchased.

50. VDG DE proposed a vote of thanks for all the club spots

51. A not short enough comfort break was held once again running over as members cannot tell the time

52. JG announced the results of the elections as follows.

 Lion David Ebsworth was elected as District Governor for the year 2022-23

 Lion David Taylor was elected as 1st Vice District Governor for the year 2022-23

 Lion Sandra Manktelow was elected as 2nd Vice District Governor for the year 2022-23

 JG thanked PID Geoff, PDG Jackie and DG Karanjeet for doing the count and Swindon lions for running the registration

53. DE addressed Convention, thanked his own club and his supporting clubs. He wants to arrange meetings with Presidents of clubs, he wants volunteers for Cabinet. He wants the gap between clubs and Cabinet to shrink. Finally he thanked Annie [his wife]

54. DT addressed Convention and informed members that both he and DE intend to have a two year plan. We need to emphasise training and encourage Zone Chairs, Vice District Governors etc and not to make them scary ideas. Clubs should inform Cabinet what they want not the other way around. We need to share ideas.

55. SM addressed Convention, thanked members for their support. She told members that being Zone Chairman is a great experience. She thanked members for an amazing Convention with lots of great ideas. She also reiterated the idea of gratitude. She looks forward to taking advantage of the training available during her DG journey.

56. BD asked JuG to present the District awards & Trophies to those clubs present at Convention

 The Nixon Award for community service (last year awarded to Romsey & Waterside) was awarded to Hook & Odiham Lions Club

 The Leo Plumley award for disability related projects to Zone 2e for putting on their Funfest despite covid.

 The Ian Birch membership award goes to Highworth & District Lions Club with a growth of five members.

 The Colin Rickman Youth Award to Swindon Lions for all their youth activities

 The Peter Allen Photographic award to Jim Storey of Fleet Lions

 The Bill Smith Memorial Trophy for Peace Poster – Thalia year 3 sponsored by Yateley & District Club

 Iris year 6 also sponsored by Yateley & District Lions Club

 Jersey won the Lions Roar international competition

 DG Brian awarded certificates of appreciation to PDG Judith Goodchild, Lion Yorky Tuke, Lion Steve Spencer, Juliet Browne, Lion Richard High, PDG Patrick Hamblin and Swindon Lions Club

57. BD introduced GL and DI who awarded International Awards to the following recipients

 International President’s Certificate of Appreciation to Lion Yorky Tuke

 International President’s Leadership Medal to Sandra Manktelow

 Certificate of achievement for passing Guiding Lion Course to VDGE David Taylor

 International President’s Certificate of Achievement for working as GMT to PDG Jarvis Macdonald

 International President’s Certificate of Achievement for working as GST to PDG Judith Goodchild

 International President’s Leadership Medal to Lion Linda Picton

58. BD made a presentation of a gift to DI and BI

59. Convention Chair PDG Patrick Hamblin introduced the 2022 Convention committee and thanked his team for their wonderful support. The Convention team came forward and took the applause from Convention

60. Convention Chair PDG Patrick Hamblin introduced the 2023 Convention on 2nd & 3rd March 2023. The Friday theme is ‘Cops & Robbers’ and the entertainment will be Matt Black on Friday and Phase 3 on Saturday

61. BD gave his closing address to Convention thanking all speakers, the Convention committee and the tech team. He thanked all for attending the Convention and for everybody’s support.

62. JM congratulated BD on an excellent Convention

64. The Convention was closed at 15.49